Product Overview

Surna Fan Coils: Ceiling Mounted

Use Surna’s fan coils to completely seal your indoor garden environment, contain odors, prevent the introduction of pests and pathogens and more easily maintain room CO2 levels. Because Surna’s climate control system circulates water, not air, there is no need for ducting. Instead, Surna’s fan coils recirculate the air already in the garden and don’t require an external air exchange to operate. This limits the amount of work it takes to install and allows you to isolate the air in each room of your  garden.

When paired with appropriately sized chillers, Surna’s fan coils provide outstanding and efficient cooling and dehumidification at the same time to a garden of any size. These units are small, versatile, and easy to install. They come ready to go with thermostat, drip pans and condensation drains. Just connect to water chillers to begin cooling.

Surna offers standard horizontal mounted options in 1.5, 3 and 5 tons and some models are available with electric heat kits to help maintain temperatures and humidity levels when your lights are off. These standard models can be either ceiling or wall mounted.

Surna also offers a proprietary IsoStream™ 5 Ton Fan Coil, designed for an open floor plan, allowing for optimized placement in the garden. With bi-directional air flow, it provides more even air distribution throughout the room. An easily replaceable Can-Fan fan component allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. As an added bonus, the IsoStream™ fan coil is specifically designed to provide additional dehumidification, making it easy to eliminate humidity spikes and the mold growth that can occur due to them.