Product Overview

Introducing the Surna Reflector, the most efficient reflector on the market. We’ve redesigned every aspect of the standard, sheet metal grow reflector to better fit growers’ exact needs including: incorporating cooling, increasing light-on-target and making maintenance easy.

The Surna Reflector uses point-source heat removal to remove heat created by the light bulb before it is disseminated throughout the room, allowing for a reduction in overall cooling costs for the garden. When combined with a Surna water-cooled chiller system, the result is climate control for your grow that requires 54% less power than traditional HVAC.*

Surna Reflector Efficiency

Our innovative design includes a patent pending insulating tube around the light bulb. This unique feature insulates the bulb, allowing it to be cooled without causing a shift in bulb spectrum.

To improve light-on-target (our way of saying “the light delivered to your plant canopy”), Surna’s engineers incorporated a unique shape, additional sub-reflectors and a replaceable liner made of 95% reflective material. These elements work together to deliver up to 9% more  light directly to your plants rather wasting it aisles or walls, reducing wasted energy throughout your grow.

The Surna Reflector is ideal for growing in aisles or Sea of Green. Compatible with DE HPS and CMH bulbs, the Surna Reflector provides versatility and accuracy to your grow.

The Surna Reflector is so efficient at delivering light, your plants will need more nutrients just to keep up. Three patent-pending models are available – vented, fan-cooled and water-cooled.

*When using the Surna Reflector (W), water-cooled version.