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Commercial Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

Surna has partnered with Anden to bring you the next level of world-class dehumidification and humidification HVAC solutions. 

With capacities ranging from 210 to 720 pints per day (PPD), we’ve put efficient and powerful dehumidification right at your fingertips. Imagine an HVACD system that combines the expert engineering of Surna designers with the superior dehumidifying capabilities of grow-optimized Anden units. Now that’s a recipe for a reliable, successful climate.

Looking to add humidity to your space?  The S35 Steam Humidifiers deliver moisture to your air either through a dedicated built-in fan pack or through your Surna HVAC system ductwork.

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Resources About Commercial Dehumidification and Indoor Agriculture

Your Mechanical Engineer Shouldn’t Learn on Your Dime

If you’re a small-scale cultivator planning to get big, or a new mega cannabis start-up company in need of assistance in finding one of these rare, specialized cannabis cultivation facility engineering firms with years of success under their belts, we thought it best to help you on your journey to find one.

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Putting Growing Methods to the Test: the importance of test rooms

Test rooms are imperative for commercial cultivators who want to get to the top and stay there. To stay competitive requires the willingness to try new promising growing methods, technology products, amendments and SOP’s especially your very own new innovations. To keep on the cutting edge, you must be willing to experiment and push the envelope by evaluating new options in a controlled way. The most effective way to achieve this, is by setting up a dedicated test room.

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A Cultivator’s Secret Sauce: Controls and Automation

As branding and strain consistency grows increasingly important in the cannabis industry, cultivators are looking for solutions to give them more controllability and more repeatability. The key may lie in utilizing controls and automation to monitor data and adjust environmental variables accordingly.

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Learn More About Our Available Dehumidification Solutions

250 PPD Dehumidifier

The Surna 250 PPD Dehumidifier is capable of removing up to 250 pints of moisture from the grow space per day.

Surna by Anden 210 PPD Dehumidifier

Surna by Anden 210 PPD Dehumidifier

This industrial grow room dehumidifier removes up to 210 pints of moisture per day, and circulates air within your cultivation space

Surna by Anden 320 PPD Dehumidifier

Surna by Anden 320 PPD Dehumidifier

This industrial unit removes up to 320 pints of moisture per day, and powerfully circulates air within your cultivation space.


Surna by Anden 710 PPD Dehumidifier

This unit utilizes innovative Variable-Speed, Low Grain Refrigerant Technology to deliver maximum performance and efficiency.

Surna by Anden Steam Humidifier

Surna by Anden Steam Humidifier

This Medium-Capacity Steam Humidifier delivers reliable steam humidification to your grow room, capable of adding up to 277 PPD.

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