Fan Coil OG

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Fan Coil (OG)

Model: SFC(OG)

Surna’s ductless fan coil is a dual chilled water coil, low profile ceiling-hung unit that provides multidirectional airflow in the canopy. This unit is designed to treat the recirculated air in the space it is installed, eliminating the need for ductwork. With minimal installation requirements, this Surna fan coil allows for a solution that can be deployed relatively quickly. Additionally, multiple fan coils are typically installed in a single grow room, providing inherent redundancy for the facility.

  • Dehumidification: Enhanced latent cooling capacity and moisture removal.
  • Even Air Distribution: Surna offers this unique ductless fan coil that is designed specifically for open floor plans in cannabis cultivation environments. With bi-directional air flow, it provides more even air distribution throughout the room.
  • Simple Maintenance: Because of the simplicity of the SFC(OG), there are very few components so maintenance requirements are minimal, which translates to more reliability for your grow.

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