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Whatever your role in indoor cultivation, Surna can help

We're experts in many aspects of indoor cultivation

There are many reasons to join the indoor cultivation industry. This innovative and growing market is ripe for investment and cultivation, as well as for service providers. For engineering companies and contractors, it may be new to receive requests for the design of an indoor cultivation facility. For consultants, working with your client can entail a request for help to obtain licensing all the way to efficient build-outs. As a cultivator, you need to ensure you are getting the best design of your facility that will not only be efficient but produce a quality crop; both are just as important. And then there are the many people on the outer ring of cannabis, while not working in the industry, who see its growth potential and are making investments now.

No matter your role or position or interest level in the industry, Surna is someone you should know. Let’s meet to discuss how we can help.


Energy efficiency means nothing if your crop isn’t the best. See how Surna can help your bottom line and yield.