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Hydro Innovations, founded in Austin, TX in 2006, was established to provide cultivators the means to maintain a proper garden environment with purpose built equipment, rather than struggling with repurposed equipment made for comfort cooling.

In 2014, Hydro Innovations relocated from Austin, TX to Boulder, CO and became a subsidiary of Surna Inc. Surna Inc. provides design, engineering and equipment manufacturing services to large commercial cultivators, while Hydro Innovations by Surna Inc. has been catering to wholesale, retail and small-scale cultivators. We work closely with our clients to create the right environment for their goals. In the last decade, we have been involved with over 700 unique projects, establishing ourselves as experts in the field.

In an effort to consolidate and more efficiently serve both our commercial and wholesale clients, Hydro Innovations is being transitioned to the Surna Inc. brand. This allows our dedicated team of experts to focus on creating a precise environment for all our customers – large or small, commercial or residential.

Purpose Built Equipment
• Adjustable dehumidification capacity with engineered design
• Reduced maintenance with centralized system
• No frozen fan coils

Share Cooling without Sharing Air
• Allows cooling to be shared between rooms without sharing air
• Improved redundancy with N+1 design
• Less cooling tonnage when operating on a flip
• Ability to adjust water temperature and flow to adjust cooling and dehumidification capabilities

Ductless Environment
• Odor Control
• Biosecurity
• Energy Efficient

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All orders may carry a lead time. Please contact us at 303.993.5271 for more information.  Once your order is received, a representative will contact you with your specific expected ship date.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I have to have a fan and Ice Box™ for each reflector? Or can I use one fan for multiple reflectors and Ice Boxes?

    At what temperature should I keep my water?

    Can I “make AC” from using a chiller and get rid of my AC?

    What temperature does the water need to be set at for my room to be X degrees?

    Where do I place the reservoir? Inside or outside my room?

    Do I need a big reservoir? Will having a large reservoir enable me to use a smaller chiller?

    What is the rule of thumb for how much chiller power I need for the amount of lights I’m running?

    Are the recommendations the same for marine chillers compared to the Surna water-cooled chillers?

    Can I put my chiller inside my house or in a side room?

    Can I put the chiller outside my house in a shed or covered?

    I notice a setting on the chiller for temperature differential – what is this? Should I adjust it?

    What about the water pump supplying the chiller – can I cycle this on and off?

    Can I put the chiller on a timer to go off during the “lights off” cycle to save energy?

    I got the recommended chiller for the number of bulbs I’m running – but my room just isn’t cooling enough from the water- cooled system – is something wrong?

    I have several lights – what is the best way to run the lines from the pump / reservoir to each Ice Box™ attached to my lights?

    What are the pipe specifications for building a water manifold?

    What is the recommended pump Gallons Per Hour (GPH) for a water-cooled system?

    Do I need to use a “no-flow, no-go” sensor in my water manifolds to shut things off if the water pressure is not present to cool my system?

    Why are manifolds built using different size tubing for the supply and return sections?

    What options do I have using the Flotec® pumps to supply my chiller, manifold, and other equipment?

    Can I use any type of pump and fittings?

    Is there a way to create any fail-safe system if my chiller goes down to keep my garden running?

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    Do I have to use one Ice Box™ per reflector? Or can I use fewer Ice Boxes™ for multiple lights?

    Should I use 6” Ice Boxes™, or 8”? Which are better?

    If I water-cool, then I’m using air-cooled reflectors with glass between the bulbs and my plants – won’t this decrease my lumens getting to my plants?

    How do I adjust the cooling of the CoolCoil™ nutrient cooler?

    All this water-cooling equipment seems much more expensive than normal indoor gardening, is it worth it?