Cultivation Equipment Installation Support

Supporting you for a worry free installation

Installing commercial and industrial equipment can be a large undertaking, even for the most seasoned installers. At Surna, we have the expertise to oversee this process. Additionally, because we design and manufacture our equipment, we are best equipped to support the installation of your new cultivation equipment.

We know these systems inside and out, so you’ll be able to enjoy the highest levels of performance. Without this skill behind your indoor grow installation, you may have an increased risk of malfunctioning. Also, your processes likely won’t run at peak efficiency, resulting in larger energy bills and lower crop yields.

Our installation support team is dedicated to getting your facility up and running quickly and effectively. It is available for both in-person and over-the-phone consultations. All projects include our installation support team; it will make site visits throughout the buildout phase, ensuring equipment is placed correctly and managing any issues that may arise. The Surna team will also be onsite for commissioning of the system, offering guidance and immediate support should it be needed.

Surna Works for You

When you turn to us for your cultivation equipment installation support or any other related service, we will work to exceed all of your expectations. Unlike many of our competitors, we have the most experience serving the unique requirements of the cannabis cultivation industry. This means you can count on us to provide cultivation system installation support with the best overall results.

We Provide Installation Support for all Surna cultivation systems: 

  • Commercial/Industrial Chillers
  • Small Tonnage Chillers
  • Commercial Dehumidifiers
  • Fan Coils
  • Air Handlers
  • Destratification Fans
  • Control Systems
  • More Products Launching Soon!

Our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities empower us to deliver solutions that lead to healthier crops, improved energy efficiency and superior reliability. With our help, your growing operation will have an optimized environmental control system that does right by you and your plants.

To learn more about what we can do for you or to receive a quote, get in touch with us today.