Odor Control

Odor Control

Posted by Celia Daly on August 6, 2015 12:00 am
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Odor control is a serious problem for many commercial cultivation centers. While it may seem like a small issue, failing to control the odor around your grow could have a large impact. There are several reasons why odor control should be addressed rather than ignored: 

Almost all cities/counties/states/etc mandate that smell does not leave the building.

Just like every other business, cannabis grows are allowed to emit a certain amount of odor. How much will depend on the regulations governing the area in which the grow is located. In Denver, the regulation is 1 part odor per 7 parts filtered air, but be sure to check with you local regulators to find out the limit in your area. 

Odor control goes a long way to creating neighborhood goodwill.

No one wants to smell the factory down the street on a regular basis, no matter what that factory produces. While you may enjoy the smell of cannabis, not everyone around your business will feel the same way and the quickest way for someone who does not approve of cannabis to force you out of the neighborhood is for them to complain about the smell. Even established companies have run into serious tiffs with their community over the odor of their product. Being a good neighbor means keeping this in mind and doing what you can to control any smells that might reach the outside. 

Odor can be a major security issue.

Announcing the presence of a cannabis grow can be tantamount to inviting criminals inside. This is why most commercial cultivation locations do not have any signage on the building or an address on the website. However, when cannabis can be smelled from the outside of the building, you may as well have a giant flag proclaiming your business to the world. Containing the odor within the building helps keep the location secure and secret. 

Odor Control and Prevention

While each municipality may have different ways of measuring how much odor a business is releasing, if you can smell it, it could cause a problem with neighbors. However, there are steps that can be taken to contain the smell within the building. 

Seal the grow rooms

If properly sealed, no air will be getting in or out of the room. If no air can escape, no odor will escape either. Caulk around everything – plug outlets, doorways, anything that could lead to a leak. 

Use chillers instead of HVAC

With traditional air conditioning, air is moved around the building and is often expelled to the outside. This allows any odors inside the building to be transferred to the outside. Conversely, chiller units move water around the building, leaving the air in place. This means that, as long as the rooms are sealed properly, odors will stay contained within the building. 

Treat the air

Some ventilation will always be necessary, so it is also important to treat any air that does leave the room. One way to do this is by using carbon filters connected to the exhaust fan. Carbon filters (or scrubbers) pull odor out of the air that passes over them, thus creating odorless air.

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