Confidence that your growing environment is at its peak performance

Controlling and monitoring environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 level is essential for consistent, quality harvests. Surna's automation system provides precise control and robust feedback.

To fully understand your grow, we begin by collecting data. Air-cooled sensing modules are hung throughout the facility to collect temperature, relative humidity, CO2 level and light intensity. These EnviroMonitors are at the heart of our Smart Control System (SCS). The EnviroMonitors communicate faciltiy conditions to zone, room and chiller controllers, which employ custom logic routines to maintain conditions in optimal ranges. The SCS also allows cultivators to adjust environmental targets at terminal controllers with a simple press of a button.

The SCS is tied directly to Surna's chillers and can be integrated with variable frequency drive (VFD)-controlled pumps to reduce system energy usage during lower demand periods. All the data collected through Surna's automation system is stored on cloud based secure servers. Surna real-time monitoring and reporting is available as a monthly service and includes reports to track facility climate and energy usage. The Surna SCS can also be configured to send notifications of equipment performance or critical environmental changes.

A Surna System is Intelligent

Surna's automation system is comprehensive. Our goal is to give cultivators complete control and understanding of their cultivation environments. Controlling environmental parameters can be a constantly moving target. Our automation system is designed to simplify that process by not only providing the real-time and historical data, but also integrating all environmental equipment, giving cultivators a whole view of their environments. We believe that knowledge of how your equipment is working both with other technology and with your plants is the key to consistent, quality harvests.