Climate Control

Proper climate control can maximize productivity and minimize expenses

Either through our internal manufacturing or through our manufacturing partners, we deliver an application specific climate control solution of any size and scale. Through our experience in over 700 projects, we are able to deliver practical solutions that respect individual budgets.

Surna’s consultative development process includes in depth conversations about your business goals and precise solutions to arrive at the perfect climate control solution to meet your facility’s specific production goals.

Our technologies allow cultivators to have a totally sealed cultivation area which is increasingly important in a world of stricter testing standards. Also, our technologies are designed to offer ample redundancy, ensuring you never lose coverage.

Monthly environmental costs can amount to as much as 51% of electricity usage, so the technology you choose will have a large impact on your company’s bottom line.

Fortunately, Surna is a one-stop shop for the build out of a cultivation facility with energy efficiency and yields being top of mind. Our team works with owners and cultivators to understand their current and future goals before any plans are laid out or any purchase is made.

Surna researches, not just this industry as it is today, but also the future of this industry, and we know that its future is comprised of standardized, consistent product with stewards of the earth marketing strategies. Therefore, we work hard to create the precise equipment and services you need to take your cultivation facility forward into this exciting industry.

The importance of climate control

Climate control plays a large part in the quality of product produced. With the proper climate control system, you can maximize productivity, quality and volume while simultaneously minimizing monthly expenses.

While all growers have their own desired settings, typically the ideal environment is between 78 and 84 degrees with 40 to 60 percent humidity. This can be difficult to maintain with traditional climate control systems. Because Surna’s climate control system is designed for the indoor garden, we are able to cool your garden to your desired temperature and control humidity while providing a host of other benefits.