Hybrid Building

Our turnkey solution that keeps your facility sealed while lowering energy consumption

As with all Surna products, the hybrid building is designed for efficiency. Our building can save 50-75% of energy used in a comparably sized indoor facility* through its patent-pending technology. Not only is the building equipped with a full suite of efficient Surna climate control equipment, but it also features a transparent roof that allows sunlight into your cultivation area, providing the energy efficiency advantages of a greenhouse. A separate “attic space” allows for heat transfer from your cultivation area, offering free cooling and heating without exposing your crop to the outdoors. Supplemental LED (other lighting options are available) lighting and light deprivation curtains make photoperiod control easy, adjusting LEDs in real time to ensure consistent light to the canopy without wasting energy. This building also offers condensate reclamation technology to reduce water consumption.

Surna’s hybrid building is designed for the flexibility cultivators need. All designs are modular, allowing owners to choose the appropriate square footage and add on as needed. The hybrid building can also include processing and office space within the building, eliminating the need for additional spaces and giving cultivators the option to include vegetative areas under the sun or in an enclosed area. And while the building has a steel exterior, owners can opt for whichever aesthetic they choose by easily covering it with brick, rock, stucco, etc.

Wind, snow and seismically rated for any environment and compliant with building codes, the Hybrid Building is pre-engineered by Surna and offers cultivators a “turnkey” grow operation designed for minimum energy use and maximum yield per square foot. All that is needed is secured land and a proper electrical feed.

*Third Party Isideo study – May 2016

Combining the best of greenhouse and indoor cultivation

Designed specifically for cannabis cultivation, the hybrid building combines the best of greenhouse and indoor cultivation, utilizing the sun as its primary light source but without sacrificing all the advantages of growing indoors. This results in substantially lower energy use without the temperature and humidity swings inherent to traditional greenhouses, allowing cultivators to maximize production per square foot.