Lighting redesigned for better energy efficiency

Surna provides various lighting products in the most popular forms including Double Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), and LED.

The Surna Reflector provides an energy-efficient option for growers using Double Ended HPS or CMH bulbs. The Reflector’s unique optical design directs light to the plant canopy and increases light on target by 9%, leading to greater yields and reduced wasted light on walls and in aisles. Surna’s patented design also protects bulbs from temperature changes, which can shift the spectrum and reduce the amount of usable light plants receive.

Increase light on target by 9%

Surna has patented the design of our reflector to ensure cultivators get more light on target than any other reflector on the market. First, Surna has created a new hood design that allows for the scattering of light to take place within the fixture, minimizing light wasted on walls and floors and providing more light to the canopy than ever before.

Further perfecting reflector design, Surna has patented an insulating tube that protects the bulb from any temperature changes that could shift light spectrums and harm plants. With Surna’s patented quartz tube, cultivators can now cool fixtures with a liquid-cooled model or simply by venting without fear of losing critical light to the canopy.