Surna at ASHRAE 2015

Surna at ASHRAE 2015

Posted by Celia Daly on February 4, 2015 12:00 am
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This year’s ASHRAE Conference and AHR Expo was nothing short of interesting. For one week Chicago, IL, became home to thousands of HVACR engineers. It was an excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow engineers in the industry to discuss alternative technologies and applications. Most engineers worked in typical HVACR services which allowed us at Surna to stand out. Everyone I had the opportunity to talk to was very interested in how Surna applies hydronic cooling to the cannabis industry.

The ASHRAE conference was located at the beautiful Palmer House Hilton Hotel. The Palmer House was originally built in 1871 by Potter Palmer and burned down 13 days after opening in the Great Chicago Fire. The hotel was immediately re-built under a $1.7 million personal loan, the largest personal loan at the time. The hotel was re-completed in 1873 and opened to the public.

The grandeur and history of the Palmer House set the tone for the week and provided everyone a comfortable place to explore the educational benefits that the ASHRAE conference has to offer. The ASHRAE conference consisted of a multitude of 1 to 2 hour seminars performed by a plethora of professionals in the industry. The range of topics throughout were vast, consisting of seminars given about: Hydronic Cooling, Cooling Tower Fundamentals, Psychrometrics in Comfort Engineering, Data Center Cooling, Hospital Cooling, Brewery Cooling, and more. These seminars allowed for a great learning opportunity which consisted of recaps of things already known as well as many design practices that were new and useful.

A highlight of the ASHRAE Conference was the Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA) Mixer at the Potter Room in the Palmer House, giving us the chance to meet and talk with ASHRAE peers 35 and younger. This networking opportunity was unique because typically, the HVACR is a viewed as very seasoned industry which makes it hard for younger engineers to become involved or have their voice heard. YEA allows younger engineers to feel involved in such an experienced industry.

The week in Chicago exceeded all expectations. I was able to take a lot away from the seminars I attended as well as extend my social web throughout the industry. I look forward to future ASHRAE Conference’s and continuing the relationships I have formed with fellow individuals in the community.

Until next time,

Tayler Thomas obtained his degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona. At Surna he is responsible for facility design and development. Tayler works hand in hand with building owners, architects, contractors, and professional engineers to provide a unique hydronic cooling system. He also provides his design expertise to numerous Surna r&d projects. Tayler previously worked in the Aerospace industry where he worked on many flight programs and was project manager and lead engineer for a USAFA Flight Mission, FalconSat-7. On his free time, Tayler enjoys living in Colorado where he spends most of his time in the mountains skiing, fly fishing, or climbing. 

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