Dave Spillman

Dave Spillman

Posted by wpengine on June 8, 2017 9:22 pm
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Surna’s 300PPD dehumidifier was the first piece of equipment that I purchased for my cultivation facility that is a true piece of industrial equipment rather than something made for hobby growing. We added Surna’s dehumidifiers when we did an addition to our cultivation and they perform exactly as advertised by removing every bit of excess moisture and holding rooms at the perfect humidity for us.

When looking for equipment, the number one concern for us was downtime. Every room that I’ve put one of Surna’s dehumidifiers in is a no brainer–they hold the humidity perfectly and we haven’t had any failures whatsoever.

The second thing we looked for was efficacy and the third was simplicity of use. With these dehumidifiers, you hang them and then forget about them. We never have to worry about having humidity spikes, even when we’re flushing.

Surna is a group of professionals. The equipment is fantastic. Cannabis cultivation is now an industry, not a hobby, so I recommend aligning yourself with the best.



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