Brian Lade

Brian Lade

Posted by wpengine on June 8, 2017 9:22 pm
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I have been so impressed with all of the contractors who worked on our project and especially Surna, my HVAC company. I was referred to Brandy by a fellow grower. My experience with her has been fantastic. She is professional and knowledgeable not only about HVAC systems but also about grow room design and set-up. Her recommendations will make and save me money for years to come. My experience with the installation team was just as positive. It was a pleasure to watch Johnny and his crew work. The system is a work of art. It looks awesome, runs quiet, and keeps my environment perfect. I can’t wait to setup my next grow so I can have them back. I honestly feel lucky to have had Surna work on my grow. I consider them to be the best company in the world at what they do. Where I come from they would be known as “straight gangster.”



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