Nick Kelly

Nick Kelly

Posted by andrea on July 7, 2017 7:45 pm
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Surna Products:
At Knights Hemplar, we have two 10-ton chillers and eight air handlers that we got from Surna for our 3,000 square feet of cannabis canopy in Western Washington. With the Surna system, we can have full control over the room’s environmental factors, letting us grow our cannabis the way we want to grow it. The Surna system allows us to have consistency in our rooms, meaning we’re not getting problems like plant pathogens, molds, and spores. We can set the temperature where we want it to be and it keeps the whole room at that temperature, so I can have the confidence that my product is going to be good each time around. The whole Surna system works awesome; it’s a great way to control your climate.

Surna Services:
I had the whole grow room design in my brain before contacting Surna. Working with Surna helped me resolve my working plan. They were able to complete the technical pieces like the flow rates of the water, what pump size I needed, and other engineering factors. I put together a plan of what we wanted and Surna had the experience, numbers, and confidence to work with me down the right path.



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