Surna’s Story

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, Surna (OTCQB: SRNA) engineers and manufactures innovative technology and products that address the energy and resource intensive nature of indoor cultivation. Surna’s current focus lies in supplying industrial solutions to commercial indoor cannabis cultivation facilities.

Surna’s diverse engineering team is tasked with creating novel energy and resource efficient solutions, including our signature liquid-cooled climate control platform. Our engineers continuously seek to create technologies that allow growers to easily meet the highly specific demands of a cannabis cultivation environment through temperature, humidity, light and process control.

Surna’s goal is to provide intelligent solutions that improve the quality, control and overall yield and efficiency of indoor cannabis cultivation. The Company’s operations exclude the production or sale of marijuana.

Why Cannabis?

Right now, there is a phenomenal opportunity to integrate garden-specific technology into the cannabis industry. As the industry grows, efficient technology will be needed to keep up with demand for product.

Between 2013 and 2015, the cannabis industry grew 72.2% with $5.4 billion in revenue generated in 2015; growth is expected to increase to 30% annually between 2014 and 2020. Cannabis is currently the fastest growing industry in the US. With more states legalizing every few months (currently 25 states have legalized medical marijuana and four have legalized recreational use), it is only a matter of time until legalization becomes the norm.

It is important to note that because Surna does not actually touch the cannabis plant, it is not affected by any cannabis-related regulations. This allows Surna to operate worldwide with systems currently in place in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and more.

Surna’s Future

Ultimately, Surna envisions the cannabis industry expanding horizontally and spinning off related and conventionally regulated new sectors such as food products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, remote agriculture monitoring technologies and many more.

Additionally, our water-chilled climate control systems have the potential to be used in any commercial buildings, bringing affordable water-chilling technology to small and mid-size buildings.

Executive Team

Mission Statement

To create efficient technology and equipment. From initial design and engineering through equipment selection and implementation, we provide a more intelligent, affordable and efficient solution.

Company Values

Our values guide the way we approach every situation, every day. They determine how we interact with customers, partners and our employees. The following values and mission define Surna.

  • Be innovative & creative
  • Pursue growth
  • Satisfy & delight customers
  • Adhere to ethical principles
  • Maintain professionalism

  • Be respectful
  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Support sustainability
  • Cultivate mutual partnerships
  • Give back to the community

Client Testimonials

Surna’s 300PPD dehumidifier was the first piece of equipment that I purchased for my cultivation facility that is a true piece of industrial equipment rather than something made for hobby...Continue Reading
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I have been so impressed with all of the contractors who worked on our project and especially Surna, my HVAC company. I was referred to Brandy by a fellow grower....Continue Reading
Surna was a major reason we were able to succeed getting our products to market. They were the only folks we worked with that fulfilled on time and at the...Continue Reading
Thank you for your efforts to provide us with a properly sized, energy efficient HVAC system at a reasonable price. I particularly appreciate that you have given us a substantial...Continue Reading
Surna provided the best option for efficient cooling. The installation process was great and went smoothly. For anyone looking for a cooling system, Surna is the way to go.

Our Brands

Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations was acquired by Surna in July 2014. Hydro Innovation’s co-founder, Stephen Keen developed our innovative water-chilled climate technology specifically for the indoor grow. His ideas and products were designed with the intention of making every garden environment easier and more cost effective to control while setting the gardener on the path to success. Hydro Innovations products are available to hobby indoor gardeners.