Surna by Anden 710 PPD Dehumidifier

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Surna by Anden 710 PPD Dehumidifier

Model: S710

The S710 Dehumidifier features VLGR technology, which modulates the refrigeration system based on the load, allowing you to maximize VPD and provide greater control during late flower conditions. It utilizes innovative Variable-Speed, Low Grain Refrigerant Technology (VLGR patent pending) to deliver maximum performance and efficiency throughout the grow cycle. That means you can maximize your moisture removal capacity and maintain tight control over Vapor Pressure Deficit during late flower cultivation by modulating the refrigeration system to match the load.

This unit is the perfect solution for the precise management of humidity required in an indoor growing environment. 

  • VLGR Technology: Delivers energy efficiency and allows for the smoothest environmental control over your grow.
  • Maximize VPD: Optimized for grow, giving you the power to maximize VPD across all grow conditions, including during the crucial late flower stage.
  • Runs on 20-Amp Breaker: The only dehumidifier on the market with a capacity of 500+ pints that can operate on a standard 30-amp breaker.
  • Energy Efficient: Removes up to 3 liters per kilowatt hour, helping minimize operational costs.
  • Easy Filters: The self-sealing, MERV 11 air filter protects the unit’s vital components, plus it’s easy to replace.
  • Safety Checks: Terminals on the dehumidifier make it easy to install a float switch to protect against overflows.
  • Digital Interface: On-board monitoring enables precise settings and simple diagnostics.
  • Built to Last: Grow with confidence with a 5-year warranty.
  • Capacity PPD at 80°/60°% RH: 710
  • CFM: 1760
  • Width: 44-7/8″
  • Height: 34-13/32″
  • Length: 31-23/32″
  • Weight: 360 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5-Years on all parts including refrigeration system

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