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Neocision Spectra Grow Room LED Lighting

Neocision Spectra Grow Lights

Surna Cultivation Technologies has proudly partnered with BVV as a Neocision Spectra Grow Lights distributor. Available in spectrum models for Vegetative and Flowering phases, Neocision Spectra brings variety, efficiency, and performance to commercial and craft growers alike.

All BVV light fixtures are pending ETL certified, IP66 rated and DLC Listed. DLC is the first and only standards-based organization recognized by utility companies in North America for validation of rebates for horticultural lighting. Feel confident in your with BBV’s industry-leading 7-year limited warranty on the fixture.

Neocision Spectra Grow Room LED Elite

Neocision Spectra Elite

A full spectrum light with 20.6% blue spectra and 45.1% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for flowering plants.

Neocision Spectra Grow Room LED Pro

Neocision Spectra Pro

A full spectrum light with 18.5% blue spectra and 40.7% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for flowering plants.

Neocision Spectra Grow Room LED 3 Bar Veg

Neocision Spectra Vegetative

A full spectrum light ideal for multi-tier racking systems with increased blue spectra for better veg cycle plan development before flowering.

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Richard Dirden   |   Blue Ocean Mechanical
I have had very good experiences collaborating with Surna as being both the equipment supplier and Engineer of Record on a large cultivation project...together we worked through a number of project issues that saved the Owner both time and money
Andrew Speraneo   |   Fager-McGee Commercial Construction

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