EnviroPro™ Air Handlers

Air Handler Bank - SRTU

In the pursuit of offering technology agnostic curated grow room HVAC solutions, Surna Cultivation Technologies is expanding the possibilities for growers everywhere with our line of EnviroPro™ Air Handlers. No matter your square footage, setpoints, regional climate, or budget, Surna has an efficient and reliable mechanical system that can help you meet your growing goals.

Integrated DX Aire Handler - SRTU

Packaged DX HVACD Unit

The Surna Packaged DX HVACD Unit (SRTU) is an affordable packaged air handling unit with a typical lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Custom Air Handler

The Surna Custom Air Handler (SCAHU) combines the ability to cool, heat, and dehumidify and more into one unit.

Mini Air Handler

The Surna Mini Air Handler (SHAU) is top-of-the-class in efficiency and adaptability for
medium to large sized cultivation spaces.

EnviroPro™ Brochure

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