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Case Studies and White Papers

Learn more about how Surna Cultivation Technologies has helped real-word commercial growers and access free downloadable resources.

Case Studies

Recent Case Studies

Dodging Downtime [Case Study]

TruGro turned to Surna to provide a grow room HVAC solution that was efficient and would keep them running reliably for years to come.

Oklahoma Indoor Grow Facility

XP Agronomics [Case Study]

Oklahoma cannabis cultivator XP Agronomics partnered with Surna at every level to ensure their innovative ideas manifested in the most efficient and productive ways.

White Papers

Recent White Papers

commercial indoor farm considerations and setup examples

The Cultivator’s Guide to Layout & Design

The Cultivator’s Guide To Grow Room Layout & Design Download the free guide to commercial scale indoor farm considerations and setup examples When it comes to designing your commercial grow

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