Surna Destrat Ventilator

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Destrat Ventilator

Model: S-DSVF

The Surna Destrat Ventilator supplements the other HVAC equipment. This fan promotes vertical air movement by pulling hot, humid air from the canopy and displacing it with cooler, dryer air when used in conjunction with a Surna-designed mechanical system. When properly applied, this creates a more homogeneous cultivation environment and allows your cooling and dehumidifying equipment to operate at their correct capacities for precise environmental control.

Stratification occurs as a result of several factors typical of indoor cultivation. Intense indoor lighting causes a layer of radiant heat and humidity to form at the canopy level while plant transpiration creates moisture that traps humidity and doesn’t allow it to rise. In order to combat this effect on the indoor environment, the Destrat Ventilator disrupts the canopy layer of air and redistributes dehumidified, cool air back down when used in a Surna-designed system.

  • Long-Lasting:
    Built with plastics, high-strength enameled wire, silicon steel, and permanent magnets, this unit is designed to avoid rust or other damage common to high humidity environments.
  • Energy Efficient: 
    Comprised of an electronically commutated (EC) motor, offering modulating speed control that can potentially significantly reduce energy consumption compared to other conventional fan motors.
  • Vertical Air Movement: Unit directs hot, humid air upward from otherwise potentially stagnant thermal layers, aiding cooling and dehumidifying equipment in dispersing cooler, dryer air where needed.

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