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Multi-Tier Vertical Farming Racks

Conserve horizontal square footage by going vertical. Grow cannabis plants, vegetables, and other crops on two-tiers or more. Multi-tier racks (or archive shelves) come in a variety of options. These vertical grow racks can be stationary, mobile, or even stackable. Special designs are available, including multi-tiered Ebb and Flow benches, cloning racks, and drying racks.


Multi-tier racks help you maximize precious square footage by stacking plants vertically. These grow racks take the concept of traditional archive racking and apply it to indoor ag. High quality, rust resistant materials make these racks durable and reliable. LED lights can be mounted to each level so your plants can photosynthesize unimpeded. And a direct chain driven system ensures ease of mobility.
Ebb and Flow systems allow for hydroponic irrigation. And yes, custom multi-tier Ebb and Flow benches are available! Multi-tiered Ebb and Flow benches can help maximize production in many applications. In cannabis, these are usually used in propagation areas, vegetative rooms, and mother rooms. They are also great for growing other crops like micro-greens, tomatoes, and vegetables.
We offer racks in three configurations:
  • Stationary
  • Mobile
  • Stackable
mobile vertical grow rack

Looking for grow racks? Get in touch with a Surna Cultivation Technologies representative.

cloning racks

Looking for grow racks? Get in touch with a Surna Cultivation Technologies representative.


Cloning racks are a necessary part of your cultivation arsenal. These racks feature 4-tiers for growing between 1,200-2,000 clones per rack.
Drying racks are available, both in standard configurations and custom designs.
We offer 3 shelf varieties for drying racks:
  1. Food-grade HIPS (plastic)
  2. Galvanized steel
  3. Powder-coated white expanded metal
cloning racks

Looking for grow racks? Get in touch with a Surna Cultivation Technologies representative.

  • Multi-Tier Racks
    • Combine sections up to 60′ in total length (longer lengths can be custom designed but require engineering approval)
    •  8, 10 and 12 foot Increments
    •  Heights come in 2′ increments from 8′ tall to 24′ tall (custom order heights are available upon request)
    •  Fully Adjustable table heights
    •  Direct chain driven mobile carriage
    •  Track mounts right on top of existing concrete floors
    •  Carriage is standard and designed for a maximum of 1,500 pounds per linear foot
    •  Heavy duty stainless steel ANTI-TIP
    • Stainless steel drive rod
    • 4.5″ stainless steel wheels
    • Aluminum carriage
    • All stainless steel fasteners and hardware
    • All corrosion resistant items (Health Canada compliant)
    • Custom delivery and installation options available
  • Cloning Racks
    • Quick-connect shelving breaks down flat to pack and ship
    • White powder-coated finish
    • Food-grade HIPS trays
    • Designed to fit 10×20 flats
    • Fits between 1200-2000 clones
  • Drying Racks
    • Improve efficiency
    • Save space
    • Fit through standard doors
    • Standardize drying
    • Adjust rack height
    • Adjust telescoping rack

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