Surna by Trane Industrial Chiller

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Surna by Trane Industrial Chiller

Available in 26, 52, 100 and 130 tons, our industrial chillers are available for any sized facility. These chillers also offer a combination of high efficiency and low sound levels and operate in a multitude of environments, capable of starting and operating with outside air temperatures from -20°F(-29°C) to 125°F (52°C).

Surna chillers are built to last and feature top of the line evaporators with strainers to keep them clean, scroll compressors and advanced safety features like flow switches and anti freeze protection. Unlike other cooling options, Surna chillers can be shared between rooms without sharing air, allowing for larger compressors and lower electrical requirements. Sharing between rooms also offers built-in redundancy, making them an obvious choice for any cultivator operating on a flip schedule.

  • Exceeds ASHARE 90.1 Standards: We’ve developed our chillers to be as efficient as possible in order to offer significant savings on operating costs.
  • Operates in Temperatures Between -20°F to 125°F: These reliable chillers are designed to operate in any climate, giving cultivators peace of mind when experiencing extreme temperatures.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Surna’s commercial/industrial chillers utilize an easily accessible sophisticated control panel that optimizes chiller operation and reduces the need for maintenance on equipment. 

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