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Mini Air Handler

Model: SHAU

The Surna Mini Air Handler (SHAU) is an ideal air handling unit for suspended ceiling or ground-mounted installation and suitable for ducted air distribution. It is constructed of sandwich panels to achieve low noise level during operation as well as wipedown construction to GMP standards. The SHAU is shipped completely assembled and motor wiring is introduced into the control box to reduce on-site installation time and manpower. Every unit is thoroughly inspected and tested to prevent potential problems during startup. The unit contains side panels that provide easy access to fans, motors and filters

  • GMP-Compliant: With HVAC design, this means consistent parameters, effective filtration, airflow patterns specifically designed for avoidance of cross contamination, and more. The SHAU’s precision performance capabilities are supplemented with a wipe down construction that makes cleaning the unit easy.
  • Quality: Constructed of sandwich panels
    to achieve low noise level during
    operation as well as wipe-down
    construction to GMP standards. This
    unit features a frameless structure
    to minimize air leakage and optimize
    performance and efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient: Utilizes an EC motor. An EC motor offers multiple energy saving advantages. This includes running cooler (producing less waste heat), performing only at the speed required (saving electricity), and offering significantly greater controllability than PSC motors.
  • Versatile: Can be ductless as part of a chilled
    water hydronic cooling system or
    can be ducted in from outside of the
  • Added Dehumidification: Sensible heat ratio (SHR) is a term used to describe the amount of sensible cooling (temperature reduction) vs latent cooling (dehumidification) for any given air conditioning unit. By coupling with a properly designed chilled water system and lower entering water temperatures, SHAU units have been constructed to have more latent cooling than comfort cooling units of similar tonnage.

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