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Proper Climate Control Goes Beyond Equipment Selection

Failure to properly maintain climate control systems can have a myriad of negative effects on the cultivation operation, from increased operating costs associated with excessive energy use, to inconsistent control over the environment, all the way up to premature failure requiring emergency service or even resulting in the need to replace equipment before its life cycle would have ended if properly maintained. The best way to avoid this burden on your business is to ensure that your system is correctly and professionally maintained.

Surna can provide reliable, local maintenance services for your facility regardless of system type, provider, or facility location. Surna’s HVACD facility maintenance plans are customized for the individual needs of each facility, and owner, to ensure that we’re serving the goals of your business. We can take on every maintenance task from the most basic to the most complex, and anything in between. We start with a discussion of your needs, then move on to a review of your facility plans and a walk through. From there, we’ll provide a detailed maintenance plan, in line with the manufacturer’s and engineer’s requirements, to ensure your system continues to operate in tip-top shape.

Once a plan is selected, your maintenance team will begin the work of keeping your climate control system operating at peak performance. Our work encompasses making sure maintenance tasks are followed, as well as an overall assessment of each piece of equipment, which helps us to identify potential problems before they are emergencies. We communicate with your team every step of the way and ensure that we schedule our tasks around the tasks of your cultivation team to avoid disruption of the critical work being done in your facility.

Our maintenance services are both surprisingly affordable, and priceless, in that they protect your HVACD system investment and ensure the health and well-being of your crop.

Among the many benefits of choosing Surna SentryIQ® are:
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Certified technicians

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Maintenance tasks completed on schedule

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Individual equipment assessments

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Clear communication

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Non-disruptive to critical cultivation work

We work hard to follow the Surna recommended maintenance schedule. We notice an enormous difference when we do the maintenance correctly, checking out the fans, making sure the filters are clean, etc. It’s important, but really, really easy; it’s normal maintenance that anyone can learn in 10 minutes. The cost of maintenance, including material and time, is way lower than a ducted system over time, because if you are using a ducted system properly, you’ve got to get some kind of crazy brush in and clean it.
Pete Hogg   |   Flora Fina Farms
Surna was a major reason we were able to succeed getting our products to market. They were the only folks we worked with that fulfilled on time and at the costs they quoted during our entire licensing and build out process…the only one. The end result is perfect climate control and incredible service from great people. Great people make great companies. Surna is great. If someone uses anyone other than Surna for HVAC right now, it’s a mistake.
Fitz Couhig   |   Pioneer Nuggets
We don’t have swings that we don’t program ourselves. We’re plus or minus 2 degrees on our temperature, and we’re plus or minus 2% on our humidity.
Steve Fuhr   |   AgroPack

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