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Grow Room Controller

Take control of your farm with the solution built for precision indoor horticulture.


Choosing the right controls and automation system for your facility can transform the way you grow. For accurate visibility and precision control of your farm, go beyond just turning things on and off. Surna SentryIQ features proprietary control sequences with predictive algorithms essential for optimum grow room climate control. Get real-time data, analyze historical trends, and troubleshoot system alarms remotely with SentryIQ smart controls.

3 Easy Steps to a Successful Climate

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Control & Monitor​​ Your Cultivation Environment

SentryIQ makes it easy to monitor your facility performance and manipulate setpoints for cooling, heating, humidity, CO2, ventilation, and lighting.

Real-Time Data​

SentryIQ provides 24/7 environment conditions and equipment performance monitoring. Automatically track historical trends to help you make educated adjustments to your system.

Precise Grow System Control​

Every SentryIQ solution is curated to meet your needs. Our engineers work with you to develop custom sequences with predictive algorithms to ensure your unique facility is controlled cohesively and efficiently.

Automation System Integrations

SentryIQ can easily be integrated with the various grow systems in your facility including fertigation, lighting, CO2, and more via BACnet, MODBUS, or hardwired interfaces.


The SentryIQ dashboard alerts you of equipment failures and climate issues in real time. And with the power of a smart controller in your hand, you can take remote corrective action to steer your grow rooms back on track.


Create schedules for lighting, fertigation, CO2 and exhaust, and fresh air purge, all within a single interface.

Play Video about Aeroponic Cannabis Farm Tour Aeriz Illinois

Why Do Growers​​ Choose SentryIQ?

Indoor farms across North America are managing their cultivation climates with the SentryIQ grow room controller. Check out SentryIQ in-action in this tour of a 150,000 sq. ft. cannabis facility in Illinois.

SentryIQ Brochure

Learn more about what SentryIQ controls can do for your grow.

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