CleanLeaf Odor Control & Air Filtration

CleanLeaf air cleaners are engineered to provide cultivators the safest, most effective and efficient solution for your air-purification needs. With multiple configuration options, these units are built to handle specific and complex commercial and industrial applications to protect crops from mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, pollen, pest insects, and eliminate VOCs and odors.

CleanLeaf grow room air cleaners reduce 99.99% of particulate by drawing contaminated air through a series of high-efficiency filters that separate sub-micron particles to leave your growing environment with clean, medical-grade air. The cleaned air is then emitted back into the room for reuse.

HEPA Filtration System

The CleanLeaf HEPA filtration system captures airborne particulates, providing medical-grade clean air to your grow room.

Odor Mitigation System

Capture and absorb stubborn odors and protect your grow from airborne contamnants with the CleanLeaf odor mitigation system.

cleanleaf 2500 odor control

Odor Mitigation & HEPA Filtration System

Provide medical-grade clean air to your plants and trap and mitigate odors, all-in-one.

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