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Architecture & Engineering

Proper grow room facility design is essential to your business' success. You'll need a partner with experience in commercial indoor cultivation who knows what your plants need. That is why we provide architectural engineering and HVAC design services for indoor farms. Let's streamline your construction process.

Proper Climate Control Goes Beyond Equipment Selection

Indoor cultivation facilities require climate control solutions that consider the unique needs of specific plants. Not only must the right equipment and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems be selected, but also each element of the climate control system must be properly managed.

Manufacturing or cultivation facilities face many challenges in designing climate control solutions that combine temperature control with humidity control. Understanding what needs to be controlled is critical when creating a floor plan.

To achieve the most precise and efficient grow room climate, engineers should have a solid understanding of variables unique to controlled environment agriculture such as lighting, watering schedules, humidity, plant transpiration rates, airflow, and regulation requirements.

surna engineering and design solutions

Our specialized team of architectural engineers provides the sophisticated approach to indoor agriculture that you’ve been looking for. Also, when it comes to getting regulatory approval requires stamped drawings, our professional engineers are licensed. Our engineering team can give you the ability to get approvals quickly. Just imagine how much easier your life could be with a team of architectural engineers working hands-on with your business.

A properly engineered HVAC system will be more energy efficient with increased plant yields and lower operating costs than a poorly designed system. Indoor growing facilities are unique environments that require professional consultation. Our team of engineers can help you put together the ideal controlled environment agriculture system (CEA).

Surna provides mechanical and electrical engineering services for growers, manufacturers, and other industrial businesses. We specialize in agricultural engineering projects, including HVAC design for cannabis grow facilities.

Among the many benefits of choosing Surna to provide your cultivation solutions are:

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Optimized Climate

Our licensed engineers specialize in controlled environment agriculture climates, meaning our designs are based on a deep understanding of how climate parameters affect plant health and growth.

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Greater Options

With a wide arsenal of available technologies, our engineered climate control systems provide efficient environment solutions to choose from for your unique application.

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Our comprehensive cannabis environment engineering solutions provide expert designs that adhere to state regulations, with fully stamped construction documents available.

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Cost Effective

Since we provide equipment, we are keenly aware of systems costs throughout the industry (more so than an independent engineer). We are constantly striving to provide the most cost-effective approaches available in the market today.

Hear From a Real Grower

Get a look inside this 100,000 sq. ft. Michigan cannabis cultivation facility where our engineering and HVAC system helped provide the kind of precise and efficient climate control they needed.

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Floor Plans & Architectural Design

Your cultivation facility is the most important tool of your business, and the architectural design for your facility is the very foundation of the operation. Getting it wrong can be a recipe for disaster, but getting it right is the first step to success. That's why we're here to provide cultivation facility design done right. Our structural engineers get it — cultivation facility design can be a complicated process, and there's no cookie-cutter approach. There are many factors to consider, including the amount of usable space in your grow operation; local building codes and zoning laws; security needs; services (water, electrical systems); and what will meet your business unique needs over the long haul.

Licensed MEP Engineering

Hiring a professional engineer to assist you can provide numerous advantages over choosing an off-the-shelf solution. Our engineers provide tailored solutions that are designed specifically for your facility’s unique requirements. Additionally, our team can offer you wide range of design flexibility, allowing you to get the most out of your space and maximize crop yield.

After architects complete the floorplans, engineers must design the nuts and bolts of the facility; how will you heat, cool and dehumidify the cultivation spaces? Do you need an electrical service upgrade? Can your plumbing systems handle fresh and wastewater effectively? Does the structural engineering meet code? What about the proper mechanical systems? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and we can provide fully stamped construction documents.

grow room odor mitigation

Grow Room Odor Mitigation

Cannabis consumers and growers may love the smell of good bud in the morning, but it's important to properly contain that sweet, sweet, dank aroma. Your neighbors will thank you when you incorporate Surna into your odor mitigation planning. Allow us to use our expertise to help your facility comply with all regulations and local ordinances. Not only can Surna help cannabis growers optimize their cultivation facilities' HVAC systems, we can also assist with odor containment and even air filtration. The deodorization process is closely related to the efficiency of the extraction process.

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