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Cultivation Solutions

Surna provides energy and resource efficient technology solutions that allow growers to meet the unique demands of controlled environments.

climate control for indoor cultivation

Proper Climate Control Goes Beyond
Equipment Selection

Indoor cultivation is all about growing healthy plants, crop yields, and growing a profitable business. You don't want to run a facility; you want to grow a crop. Building your success starts with equipping yourself with the right toolbelt. That is why Surna offers a holistic design from a curated list of technologies.

Among the many benefits of choosing Surna to provide your cultivation solutions are:

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Greater Options

Surna provides an array of cultivation technologies to meet your specific needs. Our climate control systems provide efficient solutions for nearly any cultivation facility. We understand how important it is to maintain high-quality standards. That’s why our engineering team provides innovative design concepts and state-of-the art technology to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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Cost Effective

Since we provide equipment, we are keenly aware of system energy costs throughout the industry (more so than an independent engineer). Our wide range of cultivation equipment options offers a solution, no matter your budget.

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Get a comprehensive indoor cultivation environment engineering solution. Our expert designs adhere to state regulations, with fully-stamped construction documents available. From commercial cannabis to food production, we can help!

Controlled Climate Systems

Other companies will try to sell cultivators on a design that fits the limited equipment line they offer. Surna does things differently.

Our equipment offerings span a wide variety of HVAC technologies, all with various benefits and applications. That means that our partnership with you will begin even before the design stage as we work to create a cultivation climate system that best serves your goals, budget, and specific facility needs.

Surna SentryIQ

Growing Facility Climate Controller

For accurate visibility in your grow rooms, we go beyond snappy interfaces or turning things on and off. Surna SentryIQ® features proprietary controls sequences with predictive algorithms essential to optimum climate control. Precise temperature and humidity control is at your fingertips with SentryIQ®’s monitoring and control capabilities.

Projects Completed

Surna has offered cultivators across the U.S. and Canada comprehensive cultivation environment solutions since 2006. In that time, we have completed over 200 commercial projects. We have demonstrated experience in designing grow room climates that can maintain consistent temperature and humidity from a variety of climate regions, square footages, and budgets. If you are planning a grow operation, you are probably wondering if we're up for the challenge. Here are just a few projects that prove that we have truly seen and done it all.

indoor cultivation successful projects

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