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Products & Equipment
For Indoor Agriculture

Grow Room HVAC Equipment

Surna Cultivation Technologies provides energy and resource efficient technology solutions that allow growers to meet the unique demands of controlled environments agriculture. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect HVACD approach for your business. Lean on our team of experienced engineers to compare and contrast solutions–and budgets–to help you make the perfect choice for your facility.

Air Handler Bank - SRTU

Controls & Automation

Manage your indoor farm with an intelligent grow room controller. Receive a custom solution with SentryIQ to go beyond turning things on and off, or opt for a modular controller with TrolMaster. No matter the size of your facility, we have the grow room environment controller for you.

Water Treatment

Control your indoor farm’s water quality and consistency with a properly designed water filtration and purification system. Start with a free water analysis to understand the contents of your water source. From there, our experts can review whether you will need water treatment and propose a system custom-designed to meet your needs. Our water treatment options include pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, UV, and more to remove everything from large particulates and metals, to bacteria and odors!

reverse osmosis system with storage tank
grow tables and racks

Benches & Racks

Don’t let the space limitations of indoor farming hold you back. We provide durable and customizable benches, trays, and racks to help you grow efficiently. Start with the essentials and get equipped with Ebb and Flow benches that make irrigation a breeze. Expand your horizons with rolling benches. Or go vertical with a multi-tier shelf solution. We offer grow table solutions suitable for greenhouses and vertical farms of all kinds.

LED Lights

Surna Cultivation Technologies has partnered with BVV as a Neocision Spectra Grow Lights distributor. Explore a selection of fixtures designed to provide optimal performance for varying phases of growth. Options include DLC listed and ETL certified horticultural LEDs with industry-leading limited warranties.


Air Purification

We have partnered with Air Sniper to provide next-generation air sanitization technology. Protect your plants from mold, allergens, and other contaminants. With the power of UVC bulbs, you can go beyond the limits of traditional air purifiers and filter. Are you ready to create a cleaner environment?

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