Our Mission

We provide energy and resource efficient technology solutions that allow growers to meet the unique demands of controlled agriculture environments.

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We’ve helped cultivators take control of their climates for over 15 years, and we want to pass the benefits of that experience on to you.

Extensive experience in both commercial construction and controlled environment agriculture (CEA), including cannabis facilities, is difficult to find. That’s where we come in. Our team of project managers, licensed professional engineers, technology specialists and systems integration experts help to keep your construction project on time and on budget.

We understand, probably better than anyone, the real challenges associated with cultivation facility design, and deploying the systems required to truly perfect the cultivation environment. Every design decision made in the facility affects something else. Everything must work together; nothing operates in a vacuum. Every piece must be integrated at the design level.

Our engineering team has worked with every conceivable cultivation practice, and every type of system approach, to ensure that we can offer solid, unbiased advice during the decision-making process, then apply that experience to smart and well thought-out engineered designs. Our experience also provides us a stronger understanding of how HVACD energy is used in cultivation facilities, allowing us to give common sense recommendations to implement the most energy efficient options that align with the owner’s budget. Our team can help identify the scope gaps and coordination issues common in cultivation facility design before they cause budget overruns or delays. And our project management and field teams ensure the systems we design are seamlessly integrated into the facility.

While our engineering expertise, vast selection of technology, and impressive controls capabilities are tangible, obvious reasons to choose us as your partner, the intangibles that we bring to the table throughout the process are just as compelling. With Surna, you don’t get a vendor. You get a partner. We truly have your best interests in mind, and we have the experience to back it up.

Our experience serves to provide you with a custom design that you can rely on. Whatever your goals are, we can sit down together to create a solution.”
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Our Vision

As industry leaders in controlled environment agriculture climates, we have a responsibility to our clients, partners, and employees to work toward a better future for us all.

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Our pursuit of energy and resource efficient climate systems is rooted in the elimination of waste of our Earth’s precious resources. Indoor cannabis cultivation is energy-intensive, and it is imperative that we minimize that footprint.

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Equal Opportunity

We support the empowerment of people from all walks of life to achieve excellence in their work on behalf of our customers. We especially pride ourselves in the numerous leadership roles held by women who play a major part in driving forward our success, both as a STEM company and as a business that caters to the cannabis industry.

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Community Development

Over the years, we have watched the cannabis industry grow exponentially. We strive to not only advocate for the legalization of cannabis across North America, but also to support the fight to give U.S. veterans access to the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

If we didn’t have Surna and the support behind that, we would have made a lot more mistakes along the way, probably lost a lot more crops, and we wouldn’t have been able to deliver as high a quality of crops as we’ve been able, as soon, to the market. That was really big for us.
Nic Borst   |   Durango Cannabis Company
Surna was a major reason we were able to succeed getting our products to market. They were the only folks we worked with that fulfilled on time and at the costs they quoted during our entire licensing and build out process…the only one. The end result is perfect climate control and incredible service from great people. Great people make great companies. Surna is great. If someone uses anyone other than Surna for HVAC right now, it’s a mistake.
Fitz Couhig   |   PPP LLC
Surna provided the best option for efficient cooling. The installation process was great and went smoothly. For anyone looking for a cooling system, Surna is the way to go.
Joe Mahoney   |   Mahoney Greens

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