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Packaged DX HVACD Unit

Model: SRTU

The Surna Packaged DX HVACD Unit (SRTU) is a packaged DX air handling unit that can be mounted outside of the facility, either on the ground or on the roof. The up to 7-rows of cooling coils and intigral hot gas reheat allow for optimal compressor efficiencies, full conditioning of grow room air, and moisture control. The unit’s staggered coil design reduces supply air bypass. Variable speed components allow the SRTU to adjust its heating and cooling capacity to match the required load. This provides a consistent temperature throughout the space and avoids large temperature swings often associated with single stage equipment. The SRTU offers up to three layers of grow room air filtration and a double-wall galvanized steel construction that insulates the interior components. Corrosion resistant heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel enables this equipment to stand up to the elements.

  • Packaged: Hot gas reheat units provide both cooling and dehumidification, eliminating the need for standalone dehumidification units in the space, and their associated additional electrical service at the main electrical panel.
  • Economic: For growers on a tight budget, the SRTU is a relatively low-priced option for meeting the unique cooling, heating, and dehumidification needs of controlled environment agriculture.
  • Versatile Construction: This unit is located outside of the building, either ground or roof mounted, minimizing the climate system’s footprint within the facility itself.
  • Industry Leading Warranty: Standard 5 year warranty with an extended 10-year non-prorated parts warranty is available at no extra charge when units are remotely monitored and maintained through an available Preventative Maintenance Service subscription (terms and conditions apply).
  • Integrated Controls: Unit includes DDC controller and all sensors required to operate as a standalone system including remote monitoring, setpoint management, and data trending or the unit can be integrated into a central control system.
  • Short Lead Times: This unit can be produced within
    4-6 weeks, half the time of most
    mechanical systems.

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