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Fan Coil (4R)

Model: SFC(4R)

This fan coil unit meets the demanding nature of CEA, providing high latent (dehumidification) output with minimal energy use via the variable speed fan motor, while staying within a reasonable price point. In addition to providing precise climates, it also allows the flexibility to modify the system output capacity as conditions in the facility change. Utilizing designs with multiple units within each grow space allows for distributed airflow throughout while offering redundancy if a unit fails or needs maintenance. This quiet fan coil uses EC motors to optimize airflow, while modulating chilled water valves are used to fine-tune for minimizing energy consumption.

  • Installation Versatility: Can be utilized in a variety of installation configurations and applications such as ceiling mount free discharge, ducted outside the space, and ducted inside the space.
  • Filtration: Includes an efficiency class Merv 3 standard with options for Merv 8-14 or HEPA filtration designs.
  • Heating Options: Offers heating options including an electric heat kit and 4-pipe hot water reheat.

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