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LED Horticultural Lighting Guide for Professional Growers
June 16, 2022
Horticultural LEDs offer an energy conserving option for professional growers who are looking for an efficient and powerful lighting solution for their indoor farms. So what kinds of grow lighting options are available, and what aspects differ between LEDs?
Increasing Grow Room Efficiency with Mobile Grow Racks
June 14, 2022
Increase your yield without adding square footage and grow more efficiently by streamlining your operation with mobile grow racks. But don't forget to take your HVAC system into account.
4 Ways to Trick Your Cannabis Plants into Making Bigger Buds: Good and Bad Stress
June 13, 2022
Not all stress is bad. In fact, some types of stress can push cannabis plants to work harder to produce bigger buds. It’s important to understand your limits, however, and to know how to protect your crop from unhealthy stress.
MEP Retrofitting for Controlled Environment Agriculture
June 9, 2022
Whether you're upgrading your equipment, replacing a failing system, or preparing a building for cultivation, an MEP retrofit is no small task. You will need the help of experienced engineers and HVAC technology that will best serve your plants. Before embarking on your retrofitting journey, take these considerations into account so that you may choose the best design team for your project.
(WEBINAR) CEA Facility Design From A to Z
May 31, 2022
Learn from CEA planning and design experts on how you can pre-plan your indoor farm to avoid costly mistakes, choose the right internal systems for your facility, and work efficiently and effectively with architects and MEP professionals.
Cannabis Facility Architectural Design
May 31, 2022
The architectural design of your cannabis cultivation facility will lay the foundation of the rest of your operation. That's why getting it right is so important. Let's look at what proper cannabis facility architectural design involves and why Surna is an excellent choice for growers looking to work with experienced architects and engineers.


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Indoor Agtech Summit 2022
Indoor Agtech Summit New York (June 23-24, 2022)
June 23, 2022
NECANN Vermont 2022
NECANN Vermont (June 25-26, 2022)
June 25, 2022
Cannaone Biloxi Logo and dates
CannaOne Biloxi (July 7-9, 2022)
July 7, 2022
Detroit CannaCon
CannaCon Detroit (July 22-23, 2022)
July 22, 2022

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