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Hydroponic Systems – 5 Different Types & How They Work
March 7, 2024
Discover how hydroponic systems revolutionize farming, offering precise nutrient control, space efficiency, and sustainability for a greener future.
CHP and HVAC in Cultivation Facilities
December 14, 2023
CHP offers cost-saving, eco-friendly power solutions, particularly important in an industry facing downward pricing pressure. Discover how your cultivation facility can leverage CHP.
Reasons you aren’t meeting setpoints (HVAC/D)
October 12, 2023
Cultivators often face challenges in maintaining HVAC/D setpoints, with issues ranging from humidity to equipment failures. Both commercial and home growers recognize the importance of a reliable system for optimal cannabis and greens production. Identifying common failures and implementing best practices ensures consistent climate control in grow spaces.
CHP for Indoor Food and Cannabis Growers
September 29, 2023
As markets evolve, CHP offers cost-saving, eco-friendly power solutions for growers. Learn more about how you can reduce your grow room costs by leveraging combined heat and power.
Challenges of Indoor Cannabis Grows vs. Sun-Grown Cannabis
July 25, 2023
Cannabis has a long history, once frowned upon and illegal, but now widely accepted. Indoor cultivation is prevalent, despite support for legalization and outdoor cultivation in 21 US states.
Is Indoor Cultivation Difficult?
July 6, 2023
Indoor cultivation requires precise control of artificial environments for successful leafy greens and cannabis growth. Facilities, lighting, and automation play crucial roles. Discover the pitfalls many growers find out too late.


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