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GMP-Compliant Fan Coil

Model: SFCG

This Surna fan coil unit (SFCG) is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, making it another powerful addition to our full line of purpose-built climate control equipment designed specifically for CEA. The unit meets the demanding nature of CEA, providing high latent (dehumidification) output with minimal energy use via a variable speed fan motor.

Sensible heat ratio (SHR) is a term used to describe the amount of sensible cooling (temperature reduction) vs latent cooling (dehumidification) for any given air conditioning unit. By coupling with a properly designed chilled water system and lower entering water temperatures, SFCG units have been constructed to have more latent cooling than comfort cooling fan coil units of similar tonnage.

  • Installation Versatility: Can be utilized in a variety of installation configurations and applications such as ceiling mount free discharge, ducted outside the space, and ducted inside the space.
  • GMP-Compliant: With HVAC design, this means consistent parameters, effective filtration, airflow patterns specifically designed for avoidance of cross contamination, and more. This unit’s white baked enamel finish offers an easy-wipe down casing.
  • Energy Efficient: The unit’s EC motor runs cooler (producing less waste heat), performing only at the speed required (saving electricity), and offering significantly greater controllability than PSC motors.

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