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Heat Recovery Chiller

Model: SHRC

Heat Recovery Chillers offer an energy efficient and economic approach to cultivation climate control. With 4-pipe systems with a heavy latent load such as in a controlled environment agriculture climate, there is a constant requirement for the production of both chilled and hot water simultaneously for dehumidification control at the terminal units. Not only does this method reduce energy, but also reduces space requirements, condensing the system’s footprint from multiple heating and cooling units to one.

All SHRC units include:

  • Insulated, off white powder coated, metal cabinets
  • Scroll compressors with R410A refrigerant
  • A standalone microprocessor control with LCD display
  • Phase reversal and loss of phase protection module
  • Individual motor protection and dual circuits
  • Thermal expansion valves as standard
  • Modular: These units are truly modular. They can be installed an inch apart from each other. Each unit can be removed from the bank without service disruption to the other units.
  • Easy Installation: SHRC units can be brought in through a standard door or elevator and assembled in banks on site. An optional factory-made header assembly can be provided.
  • Front Serviceable: The controls and refrigeration components including compressors can be serviced from the front of the unit. The heat exchangers can be serviced by sliding out one unit without disruption of service to the other units.
  • Energy Efficient: When properly designed into a 4-pipe system, by virtue of capturing rather than rejecting waste heat from the chiller process, facility central plant COP (coefficient of performance) can achieve much higher levels than even the most efficient stand alone chillers and boilers
  • Economic: Because they produce both chilled and hot water simultaneously, these units can reduce the capacity requirements and energy consumption versus traditional 4-pipe chilled water systems.

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