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Surna by Trane Chiller Bank

As part of our lineup of high-quality, cultivation-specific HVAC products, we happily offer our Surna Small Tonnage Chillers and Heat Recovery Chillers. These units are ideal for growers looking for an economic source of cooling while also enjoying the benefits of redundancy, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. The modular design of our chillers also provides unique opportunities for scalability, as it can be much easier to add more units for greater cooling capacities or to bring more rooms online.

Surna is also a proud partner of Trane, a partnership that provides medium-large sized cultivation facilities with up to 130 tons per unit of precision cooling.

Small Tonnage Chiller

Surna’s small tonnage chillers provide a modular and economic HVAC approach. These units are an affordable option for small-medium grows.

Heat Recovery Chiller - SHRC

Heat Recovery Chiller

Surna heat recovery chillers (SHRC) save
energy by producing both chilled and hot water at the same time.

Surna by Trane Industrial Chiller

Surna by Trane Industrial Chiller

Available in 26, 52, 100, and 130-tons, Surna by Trane Industrial Chillers are an ideal source cooling for med-large grows.

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