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Odor Mitigation

Engineered solutions for odor control compliance.

Meet local odor control regulations

Surna’s architecture and engineering team can provide a review of your facility’s current odor control equipment and assist in developing a plan for cannabis odor control that can be submitted to applicable governing bodies. Our odor control plans are based on industry best practices and minimum requirements set by ASHRAE and include analyzing the current setup and state assumptions, determining relevant code reference, calculating ventilation for occupancy requirements and odor mitigation and providing documentation that can be presented to the governing body.

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We’ll clearly articulate the cultivation system options available to you to help make your decision process easier.

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You’ll receive a customized solution to meet your specific goals.

Among the many benefits of choosing Surna Odor Mitigation are:
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Custom cannabis odor
removal systems

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Specialized odor
filtration options

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Cannabis odor control
plans (OCP) compliance

We’ve always recommended the Surna system for as long as we’ve had it because it’s just another thing we don’t have to worry about.
Drew Stuart   |   High Desert Relief
If we didn’t have Surna and the support behind that, we would have made a lot more mistakes along the way, probably lost a lot more crops, and we wouldn’t have been able to deliver as high a quality of crops as we’ve been able, as soon, to the market.
Nic Borst   |   Durango Cannabis Company
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