Air Sniper Air Sanitization

air sniper inflow installation

Surna Cultivation Technologies has proudly partnered with Air Sniper as a distributor of the latest in grow room air sanitization technology.

Traditional air purifiers work by trapping harmful particles in filters, but they gradually become ineffective as they get saturated and eventually clogged. Air Sniper offers a more effective way to eliminate airborne contaminants such as mold, allergens, and even viral pathogens. These units go beyond air filtration by using UVC bulbs to kill pathogens, keeping your air clean and your plants safer.

Standalone Units

An off-the-shelf solution for killing airborne contaminants. A dashboard system gives you the power or remote monitoing and control.

System-Integrated Units

This inflow line can be easily integrated into your HVAC ductwork, maximizing effectiveness and reach by square foot.

Hybrid Units

Combining the power of stand-alone and in-line units to provide a ceiling-mounted air purification solution.

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