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Surna employees are working remotely in response to COVID-19. However, our production personnel are still working as needed at our facility, while practicing social distancing and in response to local orders in our home city of Boulder. We are continuing business-as-usual. We do not foresee disruptions in our operations or deliveries, and we will continue to support our clients in every way possible, so they receive the level of support they expect and deserve. VIEW FULL STATEMENT HERE.

14 Years in business

800+ grow facilities

Surna was founded by cultivators who struggled with the same indoor cannabis cultivation issues you do. We’ve had experience in over 800 grow facilities since our beginning in 2006, so we’ve been there and done that and have mastered commercial grow room HVAC design.

3 Easy Steps to Simplified Success

At Surna, we decomplicate things to help you dream big and reach your goals.

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You’ll receive a customized solution — whether it’s for a hydroponic cultivation system or any other system — to meet your specific goals

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Our partnership of experts will help you plan and optimize a scalable growing operation. Contact us to learn more about our consulting service, GroAdvisor™, today.

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You have a lot of things to worry about. Your cultivation climate shouldn’t be one of them. With the experience Surna brings, you can enjoy peace of mind, successful crops, lower operating costs and a cultivation environment you can be proud of.

Brian Lade

The Clone Zone

I have been so impressed with all of the contractors who worked on our project and especially Surna, my HVAC company. I was referred to Brandy by a fellow grower. My experience with her has been fantastic. She is professional and knowledgeable not only about HVAC systems but also about grow room design and set-up. Her recommendations will make and save me money for years to come. The system is a work of art. It looks awesome, runs quiet, and keeps my environment perfect. I honestly feel lucky to have had Surna work on my grow. I consider them to be the best company in the world at what they do.

Fitz Couhig


Surna was a major reason we were able to succeed getting our products to market. They were the only folks we worked with that fulfilled on time and at the costs they quoted during our entire licensing and build out process…the only one. The end result is perfect climate control and incredible service from great people. Great people make great companies. Surna is great. If someone uses anyone other than Surna for HVAC right now, it’s a mistake.

Joe Mahoney

Mahoney Greens

Surna provided the best option for efficient cooling. The installation process was great and went smoothly. For anyone looking for a cooling system, Surna is the way to go.

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