cleanleaf 2500 odor control

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Odor Mitigation System

Controlling odor in and around your facility is a constant challenge.The CleanLeaf Odor Series was specifically engineered for cultivators to eliminate odor from even the most potent flowers while protecting them from contaminants like mold and mildew.

Aggressive oxidizers emit byproducts that are harmful to humans and plants. CleanLeaf units provide the safer, more effective and efficient solution using a powerful 1000 – 2000 CFM blower to force air through a 4″ pleated pre-filter, 16 carbon canisters and a 2″ pleated post-filter to ensure maximum adsorption.

Each unit is self-contained in a durable 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel cabinet and finished with a light-reflective polyurethane powder coating and features a locking, hinged door for easy access to filters.

  • In-room standalone unit with adjustable discharge grilles/louvres
  • Options for ducted application upon request
  • Pre-Installed Eyebolts
  • Filter Change Gauge
  • Multiple Motor Voltages Available
  • Hinged Door For Easy Filter Access
  • Ambient or Ducted Configuration
  • Pre-Drilled Duct Holes
CFM 900-1500 CFM 2000 CFM
Pre-Filter 35% Efficient Pleated Pre-Filter, 15” x 25” x 2” 35% Efficient Pleated Pre-Filter, 26” x 26” x 4”
Primary Filter (8) 7lb. Activated Carbon Canisters (16) 7lb. Activated Carbon Canisters
After-Filter 35% Efficient Pleated After-Filter, 15” x 25” x 2” 35% Efficient Pleated After-Filter, 26” x 26” x 2”
Sound Level 73 dBA @ 5’ (on high) 65 dBA @ 5’ (on high)
Cabinet Size 25”W x 16.5”T x 59”L 26”W x 28”T x 64”L
Cabinet Material 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
Cabinet Finish White White, Light Reflective Polyurethane
Motor 48V DC Brushless Axial Flow Fan PSC Type 3/4 HP Direct Drive
Input Power 115V/60Hz/1PH 115V/60Hz/1PH
Hanging Weight 324 lbs. 522 lbs.
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years
Options Silencer* (Reduces to 63 dBA @ 5’)
Ducting Package
Alternative Voltage Options
WiFi/Modbus Smart Controls
7 lb. Carbon After-Filter
Smart Controls

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Area of Support*
  • Installation Versatility: Can be utilized in a variety of installation configurations and applications such as ceiling mount free discharge, ducted outside the space, and ducted inside the space.
  • GMP-Compliant: With HVAC design, this means consistent parameters, effective filtration, airflow patterns specifically designed for avoidance of cross contamination, and more. This unit’s white baked enamel finish offers an easy-wipe down casing.
  • Energy Efficient: The unit’s EC motor runs cooler (producing less waste heat), performing only at the speed required (saving electricity), and offering significantly greater controllability than PSC motors.
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