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250 PPD Dehumidifier

High humidity levels can slow transpiration rates and, thus, the rate at which the plant takes in water and nutrients, leading to underdeveloped crops. These conditions also create a breeding ground for mold and other pathogens, attacking plants and causing serious biosecurity issues. Achieving a consistent relative humidity rate can be difficult as it depends greatly on both absolute humidity and temperature of the facility. Rooms that drop temperatures when lights are off often experience humidity spikes, putting crops at risk. Removing all moisture entering a facility can mitigate any challenges.

To combat these issues and make moisture removal easy, Surna designed a commercial-grade dehumidifier optimized for the indoor cultivation environment. Most efficient at 75-85°F (24-29°C), the Surna dehumidifier is a powerhouse in the facility. In order to generate extra efficiencies, it also features drain-to-waste or water reclamation dehumidification, offering water savings for cultivators. The Surna dehumidifier also includes remote dehumidistat for complete control and a filter for easy maintenance.

Surna 250 PPD Dehumidifier

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  • Integrated Control: Our dehumidifier, like all Surna equipment, is intelligent, allowing integration of any automation system to give cultivators complete control and visibility. 
  • Low Profile: The Surna 250 PPD dehumidifier has a small profile, making them ideal for facilities with space and height limitations.
  • Low Start-Up Costs: Don’t miss out on your chance to get 250 PPD for just $1,600 USD. That’s $6.40 per PPD! Supplies are limited, so act now.
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