Growing Facility Climate Controller

Surna SentryIQ

Nothing is more important than the health of your crops. That’s why having comprehensive cannabis environment monitoring and control is so crucial to your operations. Without the ability to track and adjust the levels of heat and moisture in your facility, your plants may not get the hydration and nutrients they need to remain at their healthiest. Surna’s grow room climate controller solutions have been developed specifically to address the unique requirements of growing cannabis. They can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your building conditions are optimal.

Surna SentryIQ Central Plant Controller

The Surna SentryIQ Central Plant Controller is an intelligent approach to controlling and monitoring a cultivation facility. It features proprietary controls sequences developed with predictive algorithms essential to optimum climate control. Those controls include direct temperature and humidity control as well as CO2 monitoring. The system controls multiple pieces of industrial heating and cooling equipment precisely to sophisticated engineering sequences ensuring all of the equipment acts as one large system.

Surna SentryIQ Room Controller

Cultivators are incorporating equipment that needs sophisticated sequencing to ensure the system operates as designed. The Surna SentryIQ Room Controller has custom control sequences for industrial equipment to provide temperature and humidity controls while monitoring and recording temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD, light statistics and cooling loop zone performance. Each room of your facility will have its own controller, ensuring the whole facility remains operational if one room is taken out of service. Every Surna Room Controller comes equipped with four precision digital indoor sensors with aspirated fans actively drawing the canopy air in and through the measuring device 24 hours a day and providing a highly accurate reading of temperate, humidity and CO2 within the cultivation spaces.

Surna SentryIQ Facility Supervisor

The SentryIQ Facility Supervisor delivers intelligent management of data with schedules, trends, monitoring and system alarms, providing visual insight to every room within your facility. The user dashboard is located within the SentryIQ Facility Supervisor where the user interacts with the system. The Surna Facility Supervisor provides valuable insight to cultivation facility owners, enabling them to predictably manage their facility.

Why Choose Surna?

Unlike many of our competitors, we have been laser-focused on serving the cannabis industry since our inception. This means that our cannabis environment monitoring equipment and other solutions are custom-engineered and built specifically with these crops in mind. We don’t simply slap together a system from components created for all-purpose applications. We work closely with you to create a customized solution that will deliver precisely what your plants need to thrive.

In addition, we concentrate on building highly energy-efficient systems . We want everything we engineer to deliver exceptional performance while also saving you money. If you’re ready to leverage our extensive knowledge for the benefit of your business, get in touch with us today.