MEP Design Services

Surna provides a variety of services to help from project inception to post-production maintenance

Surna provides a variety of services to help from project inception to post-production maintenance

Surna has both the technology and indoor cultivation knowledge needed to make your grow successful. Unlike many other equipment design and manufacturing companies, we also offer a service component to our clients. We know how complicated the process of setting up a cultivation facility is. That’s why we’ve designed our business to not only offer the equipment you need, along with installation and maintenance, but also the appropriate support in designing and engineering your facility. Like everything else we do, our services will meet your particular needs.

With every Surna system, we offer a full range of MEP design services, making us a one-stop-shop for those designing cultivation facilities. These indoor mechanical design services include consulting, engineering, biosecurity protocol setup, odor control planning and installation support.

Hiring experts to assist you with this process brings you numerous advantages over choosing an off-the-shelf solution. Among the many benefits of choosing us to provide MEP engineering design services are:

  • Higher yields — Thanks to our specialized expertise, we can help you create irrigation and humidification setups that meet the very specific requirements of your crops. This ensures the ideal level of hydration and nutrients, which in turn leads to healthier plants and better production.
  • Greater efficiency — When you try to piece together a system using components that may be too weak or too robust for the task, you could wind up using too much power. We leverage our experience and know-how to build solutions that provide the most efficient performance.
  • Ease of use — Our experience with automation means we have the ability to set you up with fully modernized equipment. With our help, you won’t have to worry about the details.

MEP Consultants

Surna offers consulting services to ensure that every mechanical system design meets growers’ requirements for temperature, humidity, biosecurity and energy efficiency. We utilize our understanding of best practices to find the approach that best achieves your goals.

MEP Engineering Services

We know that setting up a commercial cultivation facility inevitably involves engineers, which is why we have a ready staff of talented engineers who not only understand our equipment, but also the unique challenges of indoor cultivation. As specialists in cannabis cultivation solutions, we understand your needs better than almost anyone.

Grow Room Odor Control

Surna can provide a review of a facility’s current odor control equipment and assist in developing a plan that can be submitted to governing bodies based on industry best practices and minimum requirements set by ASHRAE. Our expertise can help your facility comply with all regulations and local ordinances.

Installation Support

We understand the complexities of installing commercial equipment correctly, which is why we offer installation support to ensure seamless facility start-up. We’re dedicated to getting your operations up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.