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vertical grow racks
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How To Choose The Right Vertical Farming Racks For Your Grow Room

There are a few options for storing and organizing your plants in a grow room. You can opt for a traditional grow bench, or you can maximize your space by growing vertically on a multi-tier rack. Let’s look at the different kinds of grow racks that are available and how to decide which is the best solution for your unique grow.

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cannabis veg room design
cannabis cultivation

Cannabis Veg Room Design

The Veg Room is where baby plants from the nursery become teen plants. They are grown to maturity before being moved into the flower room. The majority of the cannabis plant’s leafy growth and elongation will occur in veg. However, stretching will continue for 2-3 weeks into a 12/12 photoperiod (flower) where they’ll grow another 30% in size before shifting energy to flower mass production. That kind of growth is what makes designing your veg rooms properly so vital to your operation.

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rooftop grow room hvac equipment sizing
cannabis hvac

Size Matters: Grow Room HVAC Sizing and Costs

One of the most crucial elements to consider when sizing your indoor farm is how your grow room sizes and overall square footage will affect your HVAC system costs. We’ve created some visuals to help you get an idea of how the cost per ton of common HVAC approaches may change with room and overall facility square footage.

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(WEBINAR) Horticultural LEDs: Fact vs. Fiction

With the rise in popularity of horticultural LED lighting among indoor farmers, the line between fact and fiction has blurred. Surna Cultivation Technologies’ Jon Kozlowski speaks with lighting expert Randy Shipley of RSX Enterprises to take a scientific approach to common indoor ag LED misconceptions.

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