Climate Solutions

Proper climate control can maximize productivity and minimize expenses

You’re probably aware that climate control systems in cultivation facilities are incredibly important. But you might not realize that your climate control system will influence every financial layer of your business—CapEx, OpEx, and revenue. Mechanical systems are a substantial part of your build-out budget, and costs associated with climate control can be as much as half your monthly energy bill. Most importantly, product quality, consistency and yield are heavily influenced by the quality of your environmental controls system. While there are several factors that impact production, proper climate control ranks up there as one of the biggest contributors. Don’t let your hard work go to waste thanks to a poor mechanical design.

Fortunately, Surna is a one-stop shop for environmental controls systems designed with cost of operation and repeatable yields being top of mind. Our team works with you to understand your current and future goals, and a mechanical approach that meets those goals, before any plans are laid out or any purchase is made.

Surna understands the future of this industry, and we know that its future is comprised of lowering operating costs, standardized, consistent production, and stewards of the earth marketing strategies. With that in mind, we work hard to create the precise equipment and services you need to take your cultivation facility forward into this exciting industry.

The importance of climate control

Climate control plays a large part in the quality of product produced. With the proper climate control system, you can maximize productivity, quality and volume while simultaneously minimizing monthly expenses.

While all growers have their own desired settings, typically the ideal environment is between 78 and 84 degrees with 40 to 60 percent humidity. This can be difficult to maintain with traditional climate control systems. Because Surna’s climate control system is designed for the indoor garden, we are able to cool your garden to your desired temperature and control humidity while providing a host of other benefits.