Cannabis Conference Las Vegas 2022 Highlights

The Surna team recently exhibited and spoke at the annual Las Vegas cannabis event, Cannabis Conference 2022. Here are some of the highlights from the show.
September 1, 2022

Last week in Las Vegas, the weather wasn’t the only thing heating up. Our team met in Nevada to exhibit at the 2022 Cannabis Conference hosted by Cannabis Business Times, an industry-renowned cannabis networking and education event serving cultivation, dispensary, and extraction professionals.

Showing Growers How to Find the Best HVAC System Approach

We kicked off the event with an educational speaking session discussing “HVACD Approaches: How to Find Your Best Fit.” Our panel of cannabis cultivation environment experts presented their thoughts on various HVAC design approaches, their pro’s and con’s, and walked through the applications in which one system may be more desirable over another depending on the circumstances. Moderated by Surna Cultivation Technologies VP of Development, Troy Rippe, the panel offered insights from unique perspectives.

Surna Project Engineer, Haley Moore, broke down some of the more technical aspects of holistic HVAC design approaches from an engineering perspective. This panel marked Moore’s debut in public speaking, and provided her with the opportunity to showcase her 5-years of experience in designing climates for cannabis.

“The major components that we look at when we’re first getting a project started [include] the cost implications of the different options and the space constraints of the facility because that can rule things out right away. Also the geographical location of the facility and the cost of energy are important considerations.” – Haley Moore

Operations Advisor with Growing Green LLC, Brian York, brought his nine years of commercial cannabis experience to the table, chiming in with the knowledge he’s attained having managed multiple large scale cannabis production facilities. Also joining the panel, Randy Lenz, Senior Applications Engineer with Anden, applied his 19-years of experience to the discussion of controlling humidity and maintaining VPD.

surna cultivation technologies speaks at cannabis conference las vegas 2022
Speakers presenting at Cannabis Conference: (from left to right) Haley Moore, Randy Lenz, Troy Rippe, Brian York

Access the Recording

If you purchased an all-access pass to Cannabis Conference, you can sign in here to view the recording of our August 23rd session now.

Weren’t able to make it to the show this year? No worries! Cannabis Business Times will share unrestricted access to the recording in November. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to get notified when the recording is available to the public.

Get the White Paper

Want to dive deeper into a comparison between some of the most common HVACD approaches in cannabis? Download our free white paper.

Highlights From the Expo Hall

Attending industry events is always a great opportunity for us to meet with our potential and existing clients face-to-face. Not only did we make new connections, but we were able to say hello to other industry leaders exhibiting and attending the show.

Everyone was abuzz on the second day of the event when cannabis icon Tommy Chong made an appearance. Two of our marketing team members were quick to get an autograph and leave Chong with some Haribo gummy bears.

Surna meets Tommy Chong at Cannabis Conference Las Vegas 2022
Surna marketing team members meet Tommy Chong

Gummy bears weren’t the only item on the menu during the show. Cannabis Conference offered a variety of drinks, lunches, and sweets to event-goers. And being located in the Paris Hotel & Casino, specialty crepes and lattes were available just around the corner.

Speaking of Paris, did you know that our Western Sales Representative, Lauren Lindahl, is fluent in French? Having studied abroad and minored in French during her undergrad, Lindahl loves finding opportunities to practice her bilingual vocabulary. In fact, she was able to connect with several French Canadians who made the trip to Nevada for the show!

surna team talks to attendees at cannabis conference
Sales Representative Lauren Lindahl (left) and VP of Sales Jon Kozlowski (center) meet with Cannabis Conference attendees

Don't Miss Our UpcomingEvents!

While Cannabis Conference Las Vegas 2022 may be behind us, we have plenty more in store for the remainder of the year. Check out our upcoming events for more educational opportunities and in-person networking.


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Cannabis Conference Las Vegas 2022 Highlights

The Surna team recently exhibited and spoke at the annual Las Vegas cannabis event, Cannabis Conference 2022. Here are some of the highlights from the show.

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