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High Desert Relief [Case Study]

Find out how High Desert Relief's cultivation facility has reduced their energy consumption by 25% and why co-owners Jeff Robb and Drew Stuart say their Surna system has played a heavy role in their ability to produce consistent, award-winning medicine.

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In 2010, High Desert Relief co-founders Jeff Robb and Drew Stuart began their partnership in cannabis production. They outfitted their first grow in a horse barn, and have been scaling their operation over the decade since.

When the time came to plan their fourth grow, the pair was determined to design a facility that would give them the best controllability possible, giving them the confidence that each harvest would pass testing standards.

Find out why these New Mexico growers turned to Surna Cultivation Technologies for climate control fit for high-quality medicinal cultivation.

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Download our case study and discover how Surna helped High Desert Relief.

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