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If you work in indoor cultivation, then you know the challenges that come with the territory. Easily installed, properly designed systems for precise temperature and humidity control while still meeting budget constraints are critical to a satisfied client. By working with Surna, much of the guesswork is taken away. We offer in house engineering design support in our system designs to calculate exactly what tonnage you need based on many factors including: location, light counts and types (sensible), watering rates (latent), and room size to name a few. Given this information, we will develop a solution specific to your job constraints that is code compliant, meets budget, and is energy friendly. When you work with Surna you get permit ready drawing sets that show where all equipment is to be located in the space, complete equipment schedules including pipe layout and sizes, installation instructions with full time technical support, and on site startup and commissioning by Surna technicians to minimize your risk and maximize productivity. Surna solutions offer many benefits to the end client including:

Modular-N+1 redundancy is easily available for all units in the system so you don’t lose your grow space temperature/humidity when a unit needs service. A modular system is easy to reconfigure to add or subtract capacity when your grow space needs change. Additionally, if you ever need to relocate any unit to a different space, you can easily remove any units without special equipment.

Sealed grow environment- No outside air is required as most indoor growers use CO2 injection to promote plant growth. With the sealed environment, we do not remove or dilute the CO2 by sending it to outdoor units or adding outside air.

Condensate reclamation- Condensate comes off of our cooling equipment as clean distilled water and can easily have nutrients added to be utilized again for watering.

Flip Compatible-Due to the cooling system being detached from the terminal units as is the nature of a chilled water system, we can “flip” grow rooms to allow for less installed tonnage (first cost savings) as well as more cultivation for less electrical infrastructure requirements.

Controls Flexibility and Integration- Simple 24 volt controls interface to all units; compatible with any controls system on the market. And for a more cost effective, immediate solution, everything can run stand alone with simple thermostats and stand-alone controllers for easy future integration.

Energy Efficiency- We offer systems with higher energy efficiency and less connected electrical usage than standard packaged unitary units at a very competitive installed cost. In addition, system designs are available with economizing options without putting outside air in the space or running compressors any time ambient temperatures are below 40°F (4°C).

Easy install- For a majority of our solutions all that needs to be done is the hanging/placement of units, electrical, and piping. Each of our systems come with detailed drawings and installation instructions for your specific project to take away the guesswork, all with full time technical support just a call away and startup/commissioning by Surna technicians.


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